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Credit Card Processing
Here, at Reliant Processing Services, we offer credit card processing solutions that integrate with a wide assortment of terminal and software options, including the latest EMV and PCI Compliant Solutions.
We are powered by First Data, a global leader in technology and payment solutions. This enables us to help merchants thrive in the ever changing world of commerce. Being powered by First Data allows us to support thousands of different terminals, software’s, and POS systems. Whether merchant have a new or existing system, we will be able to accommodate them with ease.
We Offer: 
  • POS Systems Powered by The Clover Family
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Easy PCI Compliance
  • Thousands of payment solutions-Powered by First Data
Next Day Funding
We know it is important to you to get paid and to get paid fast. We are proud to offer Next Business Day Funding.

Batch Settlement Deadlines For Each Time zone

Eastern-7 PM 
Central-6 PM 
Mountain-5 PM 
Pacific-4 PM 
Hawaii-3 PM 
Alaska-2 PM
Independent Sales Agent  
Your success is our priority, and our high standards in quality support will help you close more deals! Whether you are new to the processing industry or you are an old pro looking for a processor that better suits your needs, we will be with you every step of the way! We will provide you with the tools and support you need to help you reach your career goals! 
  • Exceptional Support
  • Extensive Payment Solutions
  • Exclusive Compensation Program
What sets Reliant Processing Services above the rest? 
  • No Buy Rate Program
  • Dedicated Service & Support Team
  • Terminal Support Available to your Merchants 24/7
  • Online Account Access-View your merchant’s processing, statements, & funding online
  • American Express acceptance made easy with Amex OptBlue
  • Instant Approval on Qualified Accounts
  • Next Day Fund Potential
  • Free Terminal Program
  • POS Systems powered by the Clover Family
  • Free Statement Analysis
  • Petroleum Solutions Available Utilizing the Buypass Platform
  • Leasing Available Through First Data Leasing
Running a business is hard. Having a honest, and fair credit card processor on your side makes it easier. Let us help you take the stress and confusion out of credit card processing. With our exceptional support and service, you will always know that someone is on your side. Come find out what makes Reliant Processing Services, well, reliable.
What sets Reliant Processing Services above the rest? 
  • Dedicated Service & Support Team
  • Terminal Support Available to you 24/7
  • Online Account Access-View your processing, statements, & funding online
  • Taking American Express made easy with Amex OptBlue
  • Free Statement Analysis-Find out if you’re paying too much!
  • Leasing Options Available Through First Data Leasing-No Equipment? No Problem! We will get you set up!  
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